Once upon a time….

Domaine Flo Busch was established in 2018 in the heart of the Terrasses du Larzac, in the Languedoc region. 

The domaine comprises 10 hectares of mixed farming, the majority of which are vineyards (8 hectares), with the remaining land planted with aromatic plants and olive trees. The land is farmed according to organic and biodynamic principles.

Florian and Paola strive for harmony between the life of the vines, the soil, the plants, the climate and people. 

The grapes are hand-picked, which combines human energy, respect for the living world and a precise choice of ripeness for the natural expression of the terroir.

In the cellar, winemaking is low intervention. Fermentation is spontaneous, using only indigenous yeasts. The wines are neither fined nor filtered. Sulphites are used in minimal quantities.

The Domaine’s wines are characterized by freshness, balance and precision.